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【VIP Gongkong】 3hours with Moet Shandon All you can drink All-you-can-eat roast beef 8 dishes Course 4500 yen

【VIP Gongkong】 3hours with Moet Shandon All you can drink All-you-can-eat roast beef 8 dishes Course 4500 yen

By using a coupon4500 yen

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All-you-can-drink available

All you can drink! All you can drink for over 200 kinds! All you can drink wine and sangria!

Reservation deadline
Until 17 o'clock on the desired shopping day
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

For people who want to enjoy VIP gongs! Moe, E · Shandon 1 present in a fully-private room ♪ Others, Sour, Tequila 200 all-you-can-drink ★

Course menu

Caesar salad with fresh colored vegetables

Assorted juicy chicken

Crispy Fried Potato

LIFE special pasta

LIFE homemade authentic roast beef

Assorted raw ham

Assorted 4 varieties

Margherita pizza

Choco Tyros

+ Prepare a special dish ♪

Those who want to change cooking also consult.

Contents of dishes may change depending on the season.

■ □ LIFE charter special plan □ ■

Champagne & Tequila All you can drink from 10 persons !!! Up to 150 people OK ☆

◇ Enhancement of in-store facilities !! ◇

100 inch huge monitor equipped !!! Other 50 inches × 1 40 inch × 2

Karaoke · 4 microphones · audio equipment · stand microphone · with stage

All-you-can-drink menu

· Draft beer, Shandeegaafu
· Red Wine, White Wine, Sangria
· Peach · Campari
· Peach oolong, Peach orange, Peach grapefruit, Peach fizz, Campari orange, Campari grapefruit, Campari soda
· Cassis lychee
· Cassis orange, cassis oolong, cassis grapefruit, cassis soda, cassis pine, litchi grapefruit, lychee orange, lychee oolong, lycheesada
· Jin · Vodka
· Gin Tonic, Jin Lime, Jim Buck, Screwdriver, Moscow, Bulldog, Vodka Tonic
· Malibu
· Malibu Orange, Malibu Pine, Malibu Grapefruit, Malibu Coke
· Rock, water split, high ball, cork high ball, ginger high ball
· Shochu · Plum wine
· Rock, Water Discount, Soda Discount
· Lemon Sour, Grapefruit Sour, Lime Sour, Lyche Sauce, Peach Sour, Calpis Sour, Orange Sour, Oolong High, Green Tea High
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea, green tea, orange juice, grapefruit juice, pine juice, coca cola, ginger ale

2018/11/20 update